Pakistan’s first digital baking show

Pakistan’s first digital baking show

Ayesha Umar started florist digital baking show in Pakistan, making audience happy on its first look as the picture is giving glamour’s and pleasing vibe. The show is produced by Sun ridge foods, Pakistan’s premier staple food company.

The unique idea of the show aimed at spreading joys through baking. This is already existing genre in the food line but Pakistan is about to start its first baking digital show. The Sun ridge brand has taken this responsibility of producing top quality food as well as they are famous for their good communication and engagement with their customers and audiences, that’s why people are loving this idea of digital baking show in Pakistan.

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Motive behind the show

The platform’s motive behind the show is to transform everyone’s life into happiness as they think that baking is an art and it can make people happy, and gather families on one table. Bake me Happy show is starring Ayesha Umar, who is well known celebrity passionate about health and fitness. This seems to be an ideal choice for hosting this show.

In the start, the show will record total of nine episodes, in which they will share different and easy recipes of baking with audience making their life happy. Well it is really exciting to watch this kind of show in Pakistani entertainment industry, with great content and great food company at its back.

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This will also promote the healthy choice of viewers and also show the positive image of country to the world where people think that Pakistan is all about desi culture. These kind of shows are need of time and also need of Pakistani people right now.

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