Saudia to invest in Agriculture sector of Pakistan

Saudia to invest in Agriculture sector of Pakistan

In a meeting at Saudi royal embassy, present government of KP, focal person of KP announced to invest in agriculture sector of Pakistan. The secretary of agriculture announced that Saudia agricultural department will invest in all the important crops irrigated in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa.

In the meeting held in Peshawar, the senior agricultural official gave brief details on the major crops of KP, the production capacity of the province and shortcomings for farmers as well as weather challenges and solutions. The Saudi government focused more on production of saffron, olives and plum honey.

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Saffron production

During the meeting, the agricultural secretary Dr Muhammad Israr said that the land of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa is really good for saffron and olives. We already cultivated saffron two years back and got a good result. Pakistani government is ready to collaborate with Saudia in agricultural field. The provisional government of KP has also improved this project and made a special plan for proper quality production of saffron.

The agricultural secretary said that almost 100,000 acres of land is very suitable for cultivation of saffron right now and if we cultivate saffron in all this land, Rs 870 billion can be added to economy with saffron production.

The production of saffron in this much capacity is a good opportunity for investors, as they can easily import saffron to Saudi Arabia on very low prices. The secretary of agriculture added that we will work on saffron production first and then will look over other crops.

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The climatic condition of KP is 80% suitable for cultivation of olive, and if we cultivate olive in country, it will be really helpful for economy. The agricultural developments authorities are working with Saudi Arabian agricultural department and hoping for the best results.

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