Pakistani Bikers towards Saudi Arabia

Pakistani Bikers towards Saudi Arabia

A group of 25 Pakistani bikers started their journey towards Saudi Arabia which will include six countries; UAE and Saudia are the main countries of visit. The bikers will visit İran, Kuwait, Jordan and İraq and lastly they will stop in Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah. They journey will long 60 days.

The Bikers set off from Tourism Development Cooperation of Punjab TDCP office where a lot of well wishers saw off the group. The bikers will visit all countries enroute to Saudia and explore all the tourist places of religious and cultural values.

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Promoting peace and tourism

This Cross Route Club of bikers will travel more than 14,000 kilometers during this trip and promote peace, friendship and healthy relationship among nations. Pakistan is doing it best in promoting tourism and this kind of travelling will bring new tourism stories for Pakistan.

The riders club will visit all the Holy places of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, after 60 days completion of travel; they will perform Umrah together in Saudi Arabia.

In the last month, Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef visited Saudi Arabia and talked about strengthening the ties between Pakistan and Saudia. The COAS of Pakistan is also on a visit to Saudi Arabia and promoting military and bilateral performances of both the countries.

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In this era, these types of tourism activities with Saudia will promote strong connection between the nations and give a message of promoting peace and culture to whole world.

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