Men are more mentally depressed than women

Men are more mentally depressed than women

It seems like women are more likely to get depression and anxiety in their daily routine but according to the recent researches men are more likely to get depression than women. Most of the men who suffered from depression are undetected and ignored in society.

The American Psychologist Association estimated that 9% of man suffer from depression daily and more than 30% suffers from depression in their life. Statistics also showed that there are four times men who die because of attempting suicide due to depression as compare to women. The depression symptoms between men and women also differs, as the symptoms in men are not so common and they mostly try to hide it.

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Symptoms of depression in men

Some of the general symptoms in men who are countering depression are too much or too little sleep, having trouble in working, losing enjoyment and pleasure, weight changes and feeling tired all the time. Men are more likely to experience these depressive symptoms but they are not much expressive as compared to women so they are ignored when it comes to depression.

When tackling depression men start to ignore their family and friends, they start working obsessively without taking any breaks, engaged themselves in risk taking behavior, and   does not maintain their family responsibilities.

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The men who try to hide their depression are most likely to attempt suicide because they cannot cope up with society and depression together. We should all take some time out and talk to men in our surrounding and offer them emotional support to help them dealing with their unsaid depression.

Many of our brothers, fathers and men in our life do not share their emotional breakdowns due to their masculine role in society but we should help them to deal with any kind of problem they are facing.

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