Earth Hour 2023

Earth Hour 2023

Global community from around the world celebrates Earth Hour every year which aims to raise awareness about the challenges of climate and energy conservation faced by Earth. The event I organized by World Wide Fund for Nature.

Celebrating this event all the offices and organizations of WWF turn off the lights and electrical appliances to dedicate the hour to nature. They gather as many people as possible to dedicate the hour to Earth and create support for all the challenging causes.

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Earth Hour is an annual event that is celebrated every year on 25th March at 8:30 pm. All the individuals, communities and businesses around the world are encouraged to turn off lights for one hour and engage in activities that are beneficial for environment.

Fashion Show featuring Earth Hour

There are a lot of events scheduled for celebrating Earth Hour, for example in Mongolia, WWF is hosting a fashion show featuring recycled clothes, while in Latvia they are going to host earth hour concerts and nature hikes to create awareness in people about importance of Earth and Nature.

The concept of Earth Hour was introduced in Australia in 2007 as a commitment to planet. The first Earth Hour engaged 2.2 million from Sydney and its first international coverage covered around 50 million people from more than 30 countries. After that the event gain global level popularity and became a proper phenomenon with more than 190 countries celebrating it.

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Currently planet Earth is facing a lot of critical challenges regarding environmental issues, sustainable growth, and climatic challenges like global warming. It has gathered a lot of organizations from different countries to take action and make a positive impact on planet. Several new policies and regulations are made to reduce carbon emission and reduce pollution causing factors.

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