Food Fights in cities of Pakistan

Food Fights in cities of Pakistan

Government of Pakistan announced the distribution of free flour for deserving people. Flour distribution centres are established in almost all the parts of Punjab to provide free commodity during the Holy month of Ramadan.

To survive in this increasing inflation, a large number of people are getting benefit from this free flour relief package by government. However long queues and attacks on food vans is causing huge mess in Pakistan.

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Adding one more person to the list of dead people, an elderly woman, Rasheeda Bibi also lost her life when she was returning after getting a free flour bag. After getting out from rush, Rasheeda Bibi became unconscious due to low blood pressure and died at the spot.

The flour distribution centres in a lot of cities are witnessing mismanagement as there are a lot of people in long queues eager to get flour bags for free. Some of the distribution centres also faced theft and violence.

Unannounced visits of PM

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef is also paying unannounced visits to the distribution centres to ensure the smooth distribution of flour across Punjab. He also directed the management to continue the process whole Ramadan.

According to the reports by District administration, there is smooth supply of flour in 22 centres, providing flour to the deserving people.

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef ordered special instructions to management of distribution centres about paying special attention to elderly people, special persons and women who came to get flour bags.

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