5 Questions asked by TikTok CEO

5 Questions asked by TikTok CEO

United States hold a conference as US House Energy and Commerce Committee, the members of US Energy and Commerce Committee, officials of US lawmakers and Data Privacy agents attended the meeting.

CEO of Tiktok Shou Zi Chew also attended the conference talking about the privacy concern of video sharing app, Tiktok. The potential talk in meeting was Chinese influence on Tiktok, showing fears that app is being used by China’s Communist party as a spying tool.

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US lawmakers and Data Privacy owners shared their concerns about, How Congress can Safeguard American Data Privacy and Protect Children from Online Harms. The agenda of the questions asked by CEO of Tiktok just clearly showed that US lawmakers were trying to catch the CEO on spot.

Five Questions asked by US Lawmakers

The very first Question asked by the CEO of Tiktok was, Mr. Chew, Does Tiktok access the Home wifi network ? To this Question, The CEO of most popular video sharing app was confused and said that he did not understand the question. After repetition of Question, he responded that it does access the wifi like all other apps.

The next question was asked about his Salary, in order to find the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and Tiktok, many other personal questions were also asked from CEO. About his shares in Tiktok or in Bytedance, his allowances. However CEO refused to answer these questions calling it personal information.

The third question asked about was, Why do you need to know where the eyes are if you are not seeing if they are dilated ?. The question was concerned about if the application uses the phone’s camera to determine the action of Human eye pupil dilation.

CEO answered that eyes and pupil dilation are only detected when users apply filter, to locate the correct position of eye.

Another question was asked as, Are you a Chinese Company ?. This question was asked in five different ways although Chew in his opening speech clearly mentioned that it is based in Singapore and Los Angeles.

Despite his answers, the committee members were confused and not ready to accept the fact.

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The last question asked was, If you are ever called by the government of China, would you give them Tiktok Data ?. The CEO clearly responded that, “I am a Singaporean”. A lot of more hypothetical questions were also asked about Chinese laws and secrecy management.

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