Hijjay.com for Urdu users – what’s the hype about?


A Musharraf Ali Farooqi Masterclass

Musharraf Ali Farooqi, a novelist and translator, has created the online Urdu word game www.hijjay.com based on the word scramble format. 

A player must create 20 words from six Urdu letters after entering their login information at hijjay.com. This is level one. Each word must have a minimum of three letters. 

The list of words below the scramble continues to grow until all 20 words have been added. Any term can be clicked to access the Urdu Lughat Board dictionary, which provides information on its usage and definitions. 

What’s The Hype All About?

Every day, users discover a new set of letters, and each set generates 47 words from the user’s 46,000-word vocabulary pool. A group of three persons, including Farooqi, add new words to the reservoir each day. 

Both the vocabulary pool and the daily letter challenge are always evolving. The lexicon is further expanded by including well-known English words like service and rent that have assimilated into spoken Urdu. 

By clicking a link provided in the information section, users can also submit their own new word suggestions. 

“A lot of people tell me that their kids play the game and study Urdu. Since the game can be played anywhere there is free time, many Pakistani expats have also found it to be interesting,” Farooqi tells. 

Hijjay.com’s Future

He claims that the game currently links to the Urdu Lughat Board lexicon, but in the near future, it will be connected to a brand-new digital dictionary he is developing. He notes that the new dictionary will include couplets (Ashaa’r), idioms, proverbs, synonyms and antonyms, and singular and plural forms of terms. Both the dictionary and the game will have apps. 

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“The kid-friendly version of the game, which will contain graded vocabulary for various grades, is another project we’re working on. The kids can choose their grade based on where they are academically.”

Exciting and Appealing to Younger Generations

The goal of the game, according to Farooqi, is to make Urdu exciting and appealing to younger generations and Internet users. He admits that 2009 was when the project first entered his mind. But there was no platform to finish it, so he worked on it sporadically. 

“The idea has a commercial side; it can be made into eBooks, and a dictionary can be added to it.” 

According to Farooqi, hijjay might eventually develop into a network game. The tale would also be expanded upon, but such additions and changes have not yet been determined. 

A One-Man Show

Farooqi completed the entire project on his own and wants to keep both the app and the online game free of advertisements, claiming that the majority of users are turned off by the commercials. But if he can get any sponsors, he would be grateful. 

Since its release in October of this year, the game has been played everywhere that Urdu is spoken. Approximately 10,000 people utilise it worldwide, according to Farooqi. Awais Athar, the technical advisor for storykit.com, a business run by Farooqi, assisted him in creating the game. 

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