Tik Tok CEO Shou Zi Chew grilled by US law makers.

Tik Tok CEO Shou Zi Chew grilled by US law makers.

Hearing was held on Thursday in Washington for banning Chinese-owned app over National security concerns. Owner was asked to loose ownership or sell the app to operate in US.

Legislators have alleged that US user data can easily be shared with government of China. CEO testimony was worried over TikTok’s china based parent company byte dance and added freah momentum to lawmakers. To ban the app as early as possible.

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On contrary, Chew repeatedly denied that it has any connections with Chinese Communist Party and said that its company was doing everything possible to ensure users safety.

Unauthorized access to Data

“Building what amounts to a firewall to seal off protected U.S. user data from unauthorized foreign access. The bottom line is this: American data stored on American soil, by an American company, overseen by American personnel,” Chew said.

He added that he didn’t gained any support by lawmakers. In answer they said that it content contains eating disorders, illegal drug sales, and more importantly sexual exploitation.

TikTok could be designed to minimize the harm to kids, but a decision was made to aggressively addict kids in the name of profits,” said Representative Kathy Castor, a Democrat, at the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce committee hearing.

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Chew said, that company has spent over 1.5 billion $ dollars to ensure data security.

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