Countries offering easy visa to seek jobs

Countries offering easy visa to seek jobs

A job seeker visa is a temporary permit of residence that allow any person to live and search for jobs in a country for a set period of time. This visa does not need any sponsor or any offer letter, work with very easy visa policies.

Most of the countries are allowing this offer letter free visa to job seekers, once a person find his job, can possibly obtain permanent residency card in the country. Here is the list of some countries offering job seekers visa without offer letter and sponsors.

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Austria offers a person to apply for job seeker visa, including highly level qualified workers such as scientists and top level managers. The duration of visa is six months and person have to achieve a scroe of 70 from 100 points along with innovations, academic skills, awards and achievements.


Germany offers six months visa for any person more than age of 18 years old and having Bachelors’ degree and have atleast five years of job experience. A person applying for visa must show financial stability to demonstrate that expenses while looking for job will be easily managed.


Sweden offers job seeker visa with easy policies if a person have an advanced level degree. The duration of job seeking stay is three to nine months after the completion of studies. The degree must be of 60-Credit hours degree of Masters or PHD wirh 60-330 credit hours.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates offer job seeking visa for 60,90 to 120 days. The job seeker must be a manager, business executive, technician or a worker from humanitarian areas. A person must be a full time graduate of any 500 colleges from world.

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Portugal offers 120 days visa which can be extended to 60 more days, a completed visa application, passport with validity of three months, criminal record certificate, and travel insurance documents are necessary for getting job seeker visa in Portugal.

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