Rockstar Games GTA 6

Rockstar Games GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto is an online, interactive game offering powerful visuals and strong gaming experience for its players. Though GTA has been criticized from many researchers and experts due to its violence and nudity features it is still famous and most favorite game of players from around the world.

The developers of Grand Theft Auto also interact with their players and reward them with different updates and sequels of game. Recently an official announcement about GTA 6 was released that made the Grand Theft Auto community amused and excited at the same time.

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There has been a lot of rumors on the internet that official release of game is about to take place and information leaker also provided community with some new information about the specifications of game.

Announcement from Rockstar Games

 The Developers of game, Rockstar games has yet not talked about any release, earlier the leak also revealed that US based gaming agency is planning to update the players’ specifications and also updating the game in unique way.

Mathusvictorbr, a user on Twitter account with handle name, Mathrusbr9895_ leaked some data about Rockstar gaming plan to make the official announcement about GTA 6. According to the leaker, Rockstar Games will soon issue the development related details of GTA 6. The development of game is hopefully in its last stages and will be definitely on PCs soon.

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However, all the players are advised to follow the official handle of Rockstar games to get any confirmed news with authentic sources.  All the leaked rumors are definitely exciting to hear but the truth is still behind the curtains.

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