CNIC can be made by using mobile Apps

CNIC can be made by using mobile Apps

In era of Digital revolution, Pakistan is looking forward to be more convenient to the public. An application has been designated through which people can get their CNIC delivered to their doorstep. NADRA ( National Database and Registration app).

It will be a great relief by cutting things short, eliminating long queues and getting CNIC by sitting at home. It will be really helpful for next generation through Pak ID mobile App with a beta release.

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According to sources, Citizens can now process applications for their Id’s services and documents. Family registration certificate will be required in order to generate CNIC.

PAK ID Version

Chairman Tariq Malik clamimed that the current version of Pak ID has features like built in document recognition, biometric verification that enables public to experience a complete range of ID issuance services. It is also feasible in case to avoid contagious didiseases.

It assists to scan documents, capture biometrics and enables digital scanning by using smart phones. It is good to hear that Pakistan ID management industry is flourishing and becoming trail blazer. Features will like fingerprints, facial recognition, and capturing biometrics.

As convenientional method was really hectic and time consuming. In order to avoid that choas and mess this app has launched on Tuesday.

NADRA Chairman, also added “The innovation will revolutionize the National ID Eco System in Pakistan by providing public convenience.” He said that it will give an optimistic effect on the public and will result in positive outcomes including financial inclusion.

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It will open new vistas for businesses and a warm welcome toward Digital Arena. Expectedly Visa and passport issuance will also hit digital world and more convenient ways will be introduced soon. App is available on playstore for Android users and through IOS for iphone users.

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