How to Get Nadra Arms License Registration

How to Get Nadra Arms License Registration

In an effort to digitize everything in Pakistan, the federal and provincial governments have partnered with the National Database and Registration Authority NADRA to computerize weapons licenses. Certainly, the Nadra’s weaponry license system is a substantial advance over the previous system. A few clicks will provide the authorities with information on every weapon in the country. It will expedite the procedure and ultimately lower the quantity of illegal firearms in Pakistan.

Every firearm used within Pakistan’s borders, whether for protection, hunting, or any other purpose, must be registered with the government. In Pakistan, there are two distinct types of armament licenses. The restricted bore license is for fully automatic firearms, whereas the non-restricted bore license is for semi-automatic and all other firearms.

In order to obtain a Nadra weapon license, you must submit a number of documentation along with your application. If you like to obtain Nadra’s License Renewal for the computerized arm license, please follow the steps outlined below.

What are the required Documents For Nadra Arms License Applications?

Here is a list of the essential documents that Nadra requires you to provide with your license application:

1. Wear license Application Form

2. Copy of ID/CNIC Card

3. Two Fresh passport-size photographs

4. Attach a copy of the NTN Certificate (Only for TaxPayers)

5. Certificate of Profession/Services

6. Keep your original CNIC Card with you

In case of Renewal:

1. Application

2. Copy of old Arm License

3. Copy of CNIC

For Companies Arm Licenses:

1. Prepare separate applications for each weapon

2. Attach CNIC photocopies of the company’s CEO and contact person

3. Paste one logo of the company on the form and one logo attached to it

4. Incorporation certificate by SECP

5. Form-29 duly certified by SECP

Therefore, once the application has been prepared, it is time to complete the Nadra arms liens process.

The initial step is to obtain the license application form. Although the Nadra arms license application form can be accessed online, you can also obtain it through the Deputy Commissioner’s Office or the Interior Ministry.

After obtaining the application, complete all of the required fields. Additionally, ensure you provide all necessary details. Correctly review the part of needed documents. Even though the above list is current, the interior ministry may alter it at the last minute. Therefore, it is prudent to be proactive while filling out such applications in order to avoid having to repeat the entire procedure.

The second stage involves submitting an application for a firearms license. After completing the form, please attach the needed documents and tickets totaling 2000 PKR. Additionally, it is recommended to inquire with the receptionist or a relevant officer about any prerequisites for applying for the license.

During this step, the applicant must be present since he will be asked to scan his fingerprints after submitting his application to the officer.

When you submit your application to the Deputy Commissioner or the Ministry of the Interior, you will receive approval. Next, you must attend the Data Accusation Unit of the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) for license issuing.

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Once you arrive at the DAU, you will collect your token and wait in the waiting room. On your turn, provide a few additional documents and the applicable payments for the license for which you are requesting.

After submitting the documents and fee to the DAU’s data entry operator, you will receive a form that must be approved by the assistant manager. After obtaining the Assistant manager’s signature and stamp, present the document to the counter.

The officer will provide you with a slip to get your license when it is ready. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will then send you a text message to the cell phone number you provided throughout the application process.

You may retrieve your license at the NADRA office where you submitted your application. Do not forget to bring your Original ID and the DAU slip.

The essay concludes with a concise tutorial on how to register for a Nadra arms license. Additionally, if you require additional information, you can visit Nadra or the Ministry of the Interior website. Additionally, feel free to pose any questions in the comments section.

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