Ramadan is favourite month of Jemima Goldsmith

Ramadan is favourite month of Jemima Goldsmith

Ex-wife of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith shared her thoughts on start of Holy month of Ramadan. She shared a special wish for Pakistanis on the first day of Holy month of Ramadan.

Jemima Goldsmith shared her emotional views on Twitter saying that Holy Month of Ramadan was her favourite time in Pakistan. All the people were not only fasting but also trying to be a better person.

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She wrote in a tweet, “Ramadan in Pakistan was my favourite time. A month not just of fasting but also of good intentions and trying to be a better person, no gossiping, swearing, boasting or lying. A time for contemplation, charity, kindness, forgiveness, family & jalebis. Ramadan Mubarak”.

What’s Love Got to Do with It ?

The Bristish Screenwriter shared a short clip of her movie, What’s Love Got to Do with it?. The clip showed a glimpse of family sitting on a dinner table and mother is serving food to family. The movie stars Sajal Aly from Pakistan and Shabana Azmi from India.

Jemima shared the clip to show about Pakistani culture and religious values connected with the family. She always adored the people of Pakistan and their loving nature. Jemima always appreciated the love she receive from Pakistani people.

In a recent interview, she also talked about her marriage with a cricketer-turned-politician at the age of 21. She stayed in Pakistan for a long time during her marriage. After her divorce with Imran Khan, she is still close to him as they both are raising their two sons together.

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Jemima made her directorial debut showing the warm and positive side of Pakistan which is always neglected in other media content.

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