Jemima revealed what she misses about Pakistan

Jemima revealed what she misses about Pakistan

British Producer and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex wife Jemima Khan gave an exclusive interview about her upcoming film about Pakistani culture. She also talked about what she really misses from Pakistan and what brings the film together.

While talking about the idea of film, she told that people usually have seen about the terrorism and extremism in Pakistan but they have not witnessed the pure and beautiful side of Pakistan. Through this film we tried to portray light and colorful culture of Pakistan that would be a good picture representing Pakistan.

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She told in interview that Gulaab Jamans, Truck art and hospitality aret the foremost things she misses a lot about Pakistan. She added that during her tours to Pakistan she loved the classical touch of Qawalli in Pakistani culture and she loved the taste of music. Adding Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in her film was a super best decision.

Sajal Ali as the leading lady

Asking about Jemima Khan’s choice of Sajal Ali as one of the main character, she told that Sajal was a perfect match for character of Maymouna, her acting and beautiful onscreen performance engage audience to enjoy the film.

Her film is premiered in London and Toronto receiving a lot of praise. The amazing thing to me has been the British Asian response to our film, she added. Jemima chuckles as she adds that Now All I have to worry about is Pakistanis response.

She said that I have visited Pakistan a lot and we have never seen the beautiful picture of Pakistan on our screen. The hospitality of Pakistani people, their love for everyone and perfect taste in food, music and everything is so fine. The film “What’s Love got to do with it” just tried to portray some good and positive picture of Pakistan.

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The British Producer and author revealed that “When I was first out in Pakistan, I thought there’s a festival going on as all the trucks on roads were painted with beautiful art, it really surprised me a lot that every single bus and vehicle is painted with this much pride, after that I became obssesed with truck art”.

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