UAE, ranked for top Most powerful passport in world

UAE, ranked for top Most powerful passport in world

UAE ranked on top for most powerful passport among ten nations in the list compiled by offshore consulting firm Nomad Capitalist. It is the first time when UAE entered the list and ranked as number one jumping straight from 35th number in last year.

UAE recently changed its laws of citizenship allowing the foreigners to have dual citizenship along with all the travel freedom under the UAE passport. The country’s business-friendly environment and flexible tax system also appreciated a lot of people to travel UAE from around the world.

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The UAE added 106 new visa free countries in the last decade which is a large number to appreciate. The director of Nomad’s Capitalist of operations and sales wrote that UAE passport, “The winner of the decade”. He also appreciated UAE’s supporting facilities for its travellers.

Value of UAE passport

The value of UAE passport also increased because of high level trade and business firms working in UAE. A lot of famous and rich people moved in UAE to continue their business companies. The establishment of new business companies in UAE also increased its passport value and tourism rate.

Jovana Vojinovic, Nomad’s director praised the UAE’s liberal approach and its visa policies making it easy for foreigners to invest and work in oil-rich Arab country. Switzerland and Luxemburg passports ranked as second most powerful in the world followed by Ireland and Portugal.

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The aim of this passport listing created by Nomad capitalist is to highlight the appreciate the best citizenships in the world. The official website posted that our ratings are based not only on basis of visa-free travel, but also on international tax rules, dual citizenship, freedom of investment, living standards, and global perception.

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