Tractor smashed into a store

Tractor smashed into a store

We have seen in movies that vehicles start moving without a driver and make people affraid but it is the first time when tractor without a driver started moving and smashed a store after breaking the glass window.

A video is circulating on social media showing the tractor igniting by itself. The tractor accelerated ahead, moved a bicycle and motorcycle down, broke the glass door of a store and smashed a lot of things. The man sitting behind the counter rushed outside as the tractor was totally out of control.

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After smashing the glass door, tractor did not stopped moving its way forward inside the shop until four men arrived to stop it from moving any further and causing more loss of store.

Vehicles’ problems or Driver’s Consequences

It is not the first time when vehicles have moved on their own and resulted in a lot of loss of lives and materials for people. Earlier a video of unoccuiped car rolling on road and plunging into a river also circulated on social media.

The clip on social media showed two men trying to stop the car from outside which they parked near the river. The car started to move in reverse direction after 10 minutes they parked it.

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The video showed that car entered the spillway before falling into river and it changed its direction before falling as if possessed by some unseen force. The minivan stayed afloat for a while but then submerged into water. It went to the bottom of river and was tracked down a day later by police.

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