‘Rastah’ first Pakistani brand to reach London

'Rastah' first Pakistani brand to reach London

Rastah, first Pakistani clothing brand to reach its ways towards London fashion show. It is a homegrown street wear brand known for classic south Asian culture in its fashion trends. The brand got a slot for spring season 23 collection. It will cover evening event for presenting Menswear and Womenswear on February 17.

The coolest brand is covering all the hurdles and making its way on international platforms. The brand is not only designing unique fashion sense but also presenting funky street wear of Pakistan and reshaping local fashion into a new and unique way.

It is the first Pakistani brand to appear in London Fashion week, a global level fashion show to revolutionize modern fashion sense. The vision of ‘Rastah’ is to ensure quality and credibility with its customers. The brand manager deals with customers in most interacting ways.

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Announcing the news on social media, the brand manager of Rastah tweeted that, “London we are coming for you with an amazing pop up experience in heart of SoHo during London Fashion week”.

Volume IX of Rastah will be showcased in fashion show featuring different colors and patterns with unique style. The collection will be open for public from 21st of February.

The social media handles of brand posted different pictures of brand with cute captions. Volume IX is a deeply personal story inspired by conflicts, desire and human conditions. It explores what it means in largely material world. Posted brand manager of Rastah. The collection consist of oversized jackets, pants, trousers and embrioded pairings of clothes.

Previous appreances of Brand

The brand was also previously utilized in Disney’s Ms Marvel series. Award winner Riz Ahmad opened the ways for brand to London Fashion week. The famous Bollywood stars Karan Johar and Anil Kapoor also spotted wearing Rastah in some events.

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This brand was officially founded by three cousins Zain, Adnan and Ismail who are based in Lahore and grew up in London. The owners’ discussion with media showed that they are truly inspired by local street culture of Lahore and want to present it for world.

London Fashion week displays more than 250 designer brands from all around the world twice a year in February and September.

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