How to Apply for Nadra Pakistan Origin Card (POC) in Pakistan

How to Apply for Nadra Pakistan Origin Card (POC) in Pakistan

In recent years, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has implemented a number of services to assist Overseas Pakistanis and former Pakistani citizens. NADRA has established the NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) and POC (Pakistan Origin Card) services in order to offer benefits to overseas and former Pakistanis.

The NICOP is a document issued to qualified Pakistanis living abroad. This document offers various advantages, including visa-free entrance into the nation, permission to buy or sell real estate, and the ability to open a bank account. Similar to NICOP, POC holders have access to a variety of incentives to ensure they maintain ties to their home country., Pakistan’s premier real estate website, provides in-depth information on how to apply for a Pakistan Origin Card for individuals who qualify (POC).

What is the Pakistan Origin Card?

The POC, Pakistan Origin Card, is a document granted to qualifying foreigners who wish to work or frequently visit Pakistan. With this card, foreign nationals can access benefits unavailable to other foreign nationals. The following are some of the advantages that POC holders enjoy.

There are multiple benefits which include:

Multiple Visa-free entries into the country

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Open or manage a bank account like Roshan Digital Account from anywhere in the world

Indefinite stay with exemption from reporting to local law enforcement and foreigners registration offices

Ability to become a real estate investor in the country

A swift immigration procedure for entering or leaving Pakistan for the rest of the globe

Ability to apply for a job during the stay in the country

Using POC as proof of identity instead of a National Identity Card

Check your Eligibility!

In order to apply for a Pakistan Origin Card, you must satisfy the standards established by NADRA. These prerequisites are stated below.

Former Pakistani national but surrendered the nationality to another country

A foreign individual who is married to a Pakistani national, or whose parents have Pakistani ancestry

A foreigner whose parents or grandparents are or were Pakistani citizens

Except for the following, a foreigner (not born of Pakistani national/citizen parents) who is married to a Pakistani national/citizen is able to file for POC.

Citizen or national of India, Israel and Taiwan

Citizen or national of a country not recognized by Pakistan

Citizens of any hostile country

A foreigner who has or had Pakistani-citizen siblings or relations

How to Apply for Nadra Pakistan Origin Card (POC) in Pakistan

Once you have all the necessary documents and match the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a POC online from any location you want once you have all the requisite documentation.

Create an account through the NADRA Pak Identity site. If you have an existing account, simply enter your login details.

To create an account, you must provide all needed information. After entering the required information, you will receive a verification code by SMS or email.

The account will be established upon entering the verification code.

Sign in to your account after generating it and then select “apply for POC.”

In the subsequent phase, you will be presented with four application categories: “new,” “renewal,” “cancellation,” and “modification.” Select the applicable category and go to the subsequent step.

Now you have to enter all the information in the form.

After uploading the required documents, you must pay the POC application cost using credit or debit card.

After uploading the required documents, you must pay the POC application cost using credit or debit card.

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