After UK, Tiktok banned in NewZealand also

After UK, Tiktok banned in NewZealand also

After United Kingdom ban on TikTok, NewZealand also decided to put a ban on short video streaming app TikTok in order to protect data privacy and avoid any Cyber attack. NewZealand banned the access of TikTok on all government owned devices and all country’s parliamentary networks.

The decision was taken in regard of Chinese Government to access users location and contact data through ByteDance, parent company of TikTok. Earlier this week, Joe Biden also demanded Chinese TikTok owners to divest their stakes otherwise Tiktok have to face ban in United States.

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Advice from Cyber Security Experts

The Parliamentary Service Chief Executive Rafael Gonzalez Montero said that the decision of ban was taken after the advice of Cyber Security Experts of NewZealand. The decision is taken after the discussions with government and other officials.

He added that special arrangements are made for those who require Tiktok for their jobs. Based on all the advices from experts, NewZealand is not in favor of accepting any risk of Data for future.

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US plan against TikTok

The governmental agencies in US also ordered all the officials to delete the app by the end of March. In response to ban, TikTok officials said that all the band are based on misconceptions, TikTok has spent more than $1.5 billion on protecting the security of its users and rejecting spying allegations.

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