New Cybersecurity strategy by US

New Cybersecurity strategy by US

United States announced new cybersecurity strategy in order to protect the country and its system from increasing rate of hacking and digital crimes which were recently reported a lot in United States.

The new strategy is guided by future policy including tight regulations of cybersecurity laws. It will improve collaboration between government and private sector. Recently series of high profile hacking cases were reported at domestic and foreign levels.

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Regarding the military conflict between Russia-Ukraine, cyber warfare also featured prominently causing many other problems for nations all over the world. China and United States also had faced a lot of conflicts regarding cyber attacks and hacking data.

China & Russia Threats

United States named the strategy as protection against China and Russia. While talking to media, United States officials reported that new strategy has been built to protect our sensitive data from Russia and Chinaa which are biggest threats for US.

Russia is serving as largest country in cybercrimes, and their ransomware is dominant virus issue that we are dealing with currently, official reported.

Ransomware attack is the most common type of cyber attack in which virus attacks the control system of target and ask for ransom payments. It impacted a large number of industries and businesses all over the world.

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The United States strategy against cybercrimes calls for finding new standards of protection in computer systems and implementing modern order that would require proper identity revealing even for cloud and giant companies working out there.

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