Rapping caused arresting of a man

Rapping caused arresting of a man

Indian news agency reported that a man in Uttarakhand state is arrested as he tried to steal a mobile phone and become a rapper. Police told media that suspect wanted to stole camera and mobile phone equipment’s from a shop.

The owner of the shop Sanjay Singh filed a complaint reporting that a thief broke into his shop and left with five mobile phones and a camera. Police revealed that he also wanted to buy some musical instruments from a plenty of money he had in his pockets.

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Police arrested 19-year-old Sumit Khatri recovering five smart phones and a DSLR camers worth Rs. 35 million. The aspriing singer immediately confessed his mistake and said that he wanted to become a singer and he is embarrased on stealing intruments for his passion.

300 Apple phones stolen

Earlier in United States, criminals robber a man who just bought 300 Iphones from apple store. A news agency reported that incident happened right after man came out buying 300 new devices from apple store.

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He was just making his way towards his car with smart devices bags in his hands when another car pulled up beside him. Two men took the bags with 125 smartphones in it and punched the victim in face. The victims is known for buying smartphones and selling it in large quantities in his shop located in other city.

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