New virus bug in Mac, IOS

New virus bug in Mac, IOS

A security threat virus has been reported in Apple IPhone and Mac operating systems which can easily allow the attacker to get access of photos, videos, messages and calls history of users. According to the report security firm Trellix Research Centre reported the details saying that a bug could also allow attackers to run their own illegal codes in user’s devices.

Apple has been trying to protect the privacy and strengthen the security of its devices but has not yet become totally protected from such kind of threats. Apple security department added that they found bypass protections for apple users to protect from viruses.

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A Trellix security firm revealed that the level of virus ranges between 5.1 and 7.1 CVSS which exploits to get user location, call history and all messages data.

The totally new virus

The experts claimed that this virus is totally new and researchers have not been researching on it before, the security protection on it will be slow and new. But finding this new kind of virus will help the researchers to attack more similar viruses and protect the overall security for future attacks.

The experts of security firms said that this new virus is find out at springboard, the app that manages the home screen of iPhone and location matters, through this board it access the camera and photos also. If only one bug is exploited than attacker can easily access all other folders of the device.

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The company also released new versions of security for Mac and iOS that will be helpful in fixing bugs being exploited on devices.

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