Pakistani delegation in Kabul to discuss security matters

Pakistani delegation in Kabul to discuss security matters

The Foreign office delegation of Pakistan arrived Afghanistan to discuss important matters of security with Afghani leadership. This high ranked delegation will meet the Afghanistan interim government in Afghan foreign office. The delegation is led by Minister of Defense of Pakistan. It will discuss security matters including counter-terrorism measure taken up by Pakistani government.

In recent pictures posted by Afghan Prime Minister’s office, Pakistani delegation include Inter-Services Intelligence Director Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum, Foreign Secretary Asad Majeed and senior officials of Afghanistan interim leadership. Pakistan’s special representative for Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq is also present in the pictures.

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Bilateral relation of Pak-Afghanistan

Afghan Council of Ministers released a statement saying that both the officials discussed about economic strategies, bilateral relation and trade aspects of countries.

Pakistan and Afghanistan share a close border attachment with each other and have cordial relations. The Islamic emirate of Afghanistan wants strong economic and commercial relationship with Pakistan in interest of both the states, said Mullah Baradar.

He added that any kind of political and security problem should not affect the trade and strong bilateral ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the economic matters should be kept separate from conflicts.

He also requested Pakistan to increase facilities for Afghani passengers travelling through Torkham and Chaman borders. This meeting resulted after Pakistan-Torkham border remained closed for three days.

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The Afghan Taliban commissioner closed the border saying that Pakistan has not abided by its commitments so we are closing the border for any kind of trade and travel. On February 21st exchange of fire was also reported between securities allocated at Torkham border.

This delegation visit also came after the rise of terrorism in Pakistan followed by TTP members whose leadership is based and working from Afghanistan.

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