Pakistan and Iran to join hands against terrorism

Pakistan and Iran to join hands against terrorism

The Iranian ambassador to Pakistan Syed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said that there are foreign hand behind increasing terrorism in Pakistan and Iran. In an exclusive interview he said that, terrorism is happening in Pakistan and Iran from outside powers. We should join hands as Muslims states to counter against this terrorism.

He added that, the recent attack on Peshawar mosque is not related to Islam in anyway, it is agenda of foreign powers behind this attack. He said that Pakistan and Iran senior officials are holding joint security sessions and planning against this terrorism.

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He said that the situation of terrorism cannot be controlled unless the situation in Afghanistan is controlled, no country is allowed to give its territory to foreign forces for creating harsh situations in other country and destroying its peace. He also added that trade activities between Pakistan and Iran is also increasing.

Projects between Pakistan and Iran

Pakistan and Iran are working on many projects together to strengthen the relationship between two Muslim countries. The ambassador of Iran also said that Pakistan can use Iran for increasing its trade in Central Asia and Europe. Our border is 920 km long and Iran is all ready to provide electricity to Pakistan at a very low rate.

He also maintained that both the nations are close friends and can do trade in local currency through this Pakistan and Iran can increase their trade to other regions also. He told media that Iran has completed its work on Pakistan Iran gas pipeline and given the deadline of March 24th to complete all the arrangements.

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The Ambassador said that train and sea travel plan are also a part of future to increase tourist activities for both the nations. The travel plan also ease the facilities of educational and travel visas.

In the end he added that Iran is ready to provide free electricity to border close areas of Pakistan and in future it will also provide 500 MGW electric power to Pakistan. He concluded that Pakistan and Iran are brotherly countries and both are having terrorism issues in nations. We need to work together to counter this terrorism.

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