“Boys will be boys”, CSS examiners not coming slow

“Boys will be boys”, CSS examiners not coming slow

The competitive examination conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is attempted by thousands of candidates every year. The latest essay topic in English examination confused the candidates and they took it to social media.

The topic that arose a lot of questions was “Boys will be boys”, the candidate were instructed to write an essay on it in three hours. While some people started talking about Gender discrimination as the idea behind this topic, some of them considered as the good idea to clear all the confusions between men and women. Some other created memes about the boys mentioned it the question paper are definitely Pindi boys.

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The topic “Boys will be boys”, is also a famous song by British singer Dua lipa. This idiom is basically showing that one should not get surprised if a boy behaves in non-serious way or less than the definition of men. Now the question here is that is it mentioning the boys who makes noise on one wheelers or the boys who avoid accountability for their bad behaviors.

Different opinions of Netizens

As soon as the question paper circulated on the internet people started commenting on it, some of the users criticize it as the country is full of inflation, poverty and terrorism but FPSC is enjoying by giving the topic like this.

Some of the users took it to a funny turn and said that it is good to see a lighter topic other than serious debates. We can also write some good equality based arguments in this topic. It is good that FPSC is changing their direction and making students think to a different level.

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Some of the users who are against the Me-too movement started commenting that this is the agenda of feminists’ board, they just want some women to write good stuff against men.

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