12 year old boy killed mother in Gujranwala

12 year old boy killed mother in Gujranwala

12 year old boy in satellite town Gujranwala killed his mother on base of honour killing. Police arrested the boy who confessed the killing of his mother. The killed woman was passing by the street with another woman, where boy started firing on women and killed his mother while the other woman in injured in hospital.

The police started investigation on the matter and immediately occupied the used weapons, also arrested the accused’s father. Last year, a man also shot his wife on head as he claimed that his wife had extra marital affairs with other man. The accused father was a retire police officer and the man used his pistol for shooting his wife. The heart wrenching incident took place in Karachi.

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Increased rate of Honour killing in Pakistan

The rate of honour killing in Pakistan is increasing day by day, a lot of cases of honour murders are left unreported because many of people think that this is family matter and should be solved within family. The men continue to kill women in the name of respect of family and these unreported cases will just make the increase in Honour killing.

Many of the women rights foundations and NGOs raised voice against this brutal act of killing women in name of respect. A lot of campaigns by women rights foundations resulted in Anti-Honour killing law enforcement. These foundations are also raising awareness in people and telling them the true nature of honour killing.

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But it will took a long time to raise full awareness in society that there is no honor in killing a human. Government of Pakistan should make strict laws and implement the punishments to stop this cruel act of killing women in the name of honour.

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