‘Wow, grape’ meme to be auctioned as NFT 

‘Wow, grape’ meme

Uprooted by the disastrous floods in Pakistan

Millions of people have been uprooted by the disastrous floods in Pakistan, which have claimed more than 1,000 lives and shown the country’s generosity once more. 

Others have given their time and energy to aid people in need, while some have chosen to contribute much-needed necessities. 

However, the “wow grape” meme’s creator, former senator Sehar Kamran, has decided to use her moment of fame for good. On September 30, the meme will be auctioned off as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to generate money for the rehabilitation of flood victims. 

“I don’t know how fantastic transformed into grape,” Kamran remarked in response to a question about the popular meme from Hamza Azhar Aslam of The Pak Daily. “But I have owned it and thought that it should be used for good.” 

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Front of a line of youngsters

In the in question viral video, Kamran was standing in front of a line of youngsters at a Jeddah-based school for Pakistani expatriate children and asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up. 

A young child approached and opened fire with a machine gun in support of Pakistan’s military and in opposition to India. 

Senator Kamran may be heard responding, “Strong army, amazing,” and using the word “grape” rather of “excellent.” Her prolonged enunciation is now a mantra too.

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