Twitter Begins Testing ‘Edit’ Button

Twitter Begins Testing ‘Edit’ Button

Social Media Firm Announced

In the upcoming weeks, Twitter Inc. will roll out an edit button for its paying customers, the social media firm announced on Thursday. 

Users of Twitter have long called for the option to edit tweets after they are published in order to correct mistakes like typos. 

Tweets will soon be able to be edited “a few times” within 30 minutes of publication for Twitter Blue subscribers who pay $4.99 a month, according to a blog post from Twitter. 

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Earlier Versions of Post

Edited tweets will display a timestamp and an icon to indicate when they were last edited. Users can check the edit history and earlier versions of a post by clicking on the label of an amended tweet. 

Almost all other social networking sites, including Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram from Meta Platform, contain tools that let users modify postings.

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