US Delegation to visit Pakistan this week

US Delegation to visit Pakistan this week

A Senior United States delegation is planning to visit Pakistan next week to discuss and work on strengthening ties between both countries. The delegation will be led by Senior Diplomat Derek Chollat. The delegation will reaffirm strong security cooperation between Pakistan and the United States.

The state department of US said that the delegation will visit Bangladesh and Pakistan from February 14th to 18th. They will meet senior government officials, business leaders and civil society members to discuss the relationship between both countries and how it can be stronger.

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The cooperation between US and Pakistan stopped during the tenure of Imran Khan, he presented an antagonist picture of the US and welcomed the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. He also accused Washington of behind his ousting in 2022. Throughout this tenure relationship between Pakistan and US was not so good and all cooperation was stopped.

The economic state of Pakistan

Pakistan is currently facing a full-blown economic crisis because of last year’s flood and increasing inflation. The fund talks between IMF and Pakistan also resumed online mode after 10 days of face-to-face talks. The deal on how to keep the country on track is still not finalized yet. This visit of the US delegation will also help to unlock the stalled IMF program.

The impact of climate change would also be the main agenda of the meeting and the delegation will also discuss the points to strengthen security cooperation between both nations.

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The two countries are also holding a second round of defense talks in Washington till February 16th. The first round of these talks was held in January 2021. Now in the second round matters related to bilateral security and cooperation will be discussed between both countries’ officials.

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