Alia Bhatt secretly captured by Paparazzi

Alia Bhatt secretly captured by Paparazzi

Alia Bhatt slammed the unethical action of paparazzi about taking her secret photos from neighboring building of her house. The two photos taken from a window showing Alia Bhatt drinking coffee in her lounge were posted by ETimes magazine on their Instagram account.

Alia Bhatt reshared the pictures on her Instagram story saying that, “Are you kidding me? I was at my house having a perfectly normal afternoon sitting in my living room when I felt something watching me. I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of my neighboring building with a camera right at me”.

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She added that this is totally unacceptable, a gross invasion of someone’s privacy. She wrote that no matter anyone is celebrity or a normal person there is a limit and privacy line anyone is not allowed to cross. She also mentioned Mumbai Police to take strict action against this act.

Celebrities supporting Alia Bhatt

Soon after her Instagram story, a lot of celebrities came out on Instagram and started sharing their part of stories that they even faced the same and it is totally illegal and comes in harassment cases. Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt also share her view saying that it is even cool for posting content about someone’s private life.

She added that grown up men taking photos of women who are unaware without consent is totally terrifying and complete assault of privacy. Arjun Kapoor also took it to Instagram and posted that it is shameless and crossing all the limits. If a woman is not even safe in her own home either a celebrity or not, it is totally pathetic and unsafe.

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Step-sister of Alia Bhatt, Jhanvi Kapoor also shared her part of story saying that she was captured inside the gym during workout, she said that it is okay to capture on public places with mutual understanding of celebrities but catching someone secretly in private places is totally wrong and the stealthiest behavior.

Anushka Sharma also shared that two years back media reporters shared the pictures of their daughter Vamika without their consent even after the couple requested media to not share her any pictures.

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