“Corporate Farming” by Pakistan Army

"Corporate Farming" by Pakistan Army

The Punjab government signed the agreement of giving more than 45000 acres to Pakistan Army for initiative of “Corporate Agriculture Farming” to enhance the crop production and quality crop to fight food shortage issue.

According to the report, the agreement is signed between Pakistan Army and Punjab government, for Pakistan Army to play its role at Management level to make the project of Corporate Agriculture Farming a successful story.

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Ownership of Land

The ownership of the whole land would stay under provincial government and Pakistan army would not get any revenue or profit share through the corporate farming project, an army official told.

The agreement stated that corporate Agricultural Farming project is starting in Punjab at 45,267 acres in Bhakkar, Khushab and Sahiwal. The project will be completed in phases and Pakistan army will be responsible for all management duties.

The army plays very important role in agriculture and farming projects every year, from desilting of canals to water availability to agricultural lands. Pakistan Army look over to all the phases in ensure food security in country.

According to the sources, corporate firms would also be a part of this project, the state lands of Punjab government which are barren and under-cultivated will be used for coporate farming. The local people of the areas would also be made a part of project for modern farming.

Army as part of National Projects

Pakistan army in past also took part in completion of National level projects such as Korakoram highway project. Now Pakistan Army is all ready to distribute its part in agriculture and farming field. The army will only play its part in completion of project without any profit.

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The Project will be of great challenge as the availability of water for barren and un-cultivated lands was always difficult. The talented corporate firms are involved and with the help of Pakistan Army and local public, everyone is hoping for the success of project.

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