What’s inside Italian Design week Karachi ?

What's inside Italian Design week Karachi ?

The Italian Design Week was celebrated in Karachi which was organized by a private company of Karachi and Italian Consulate. The Design week featured different domestic products in Italian designs.

The Design week also displayed different fashion-related items designed by Italian artists and designer. The special work by Eminent Italian Artist Antonio Forlin catches the eye of participants of event. A lot of people from Pakistan as well as from other countries appreciated the masterpiece.

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Diplomatic relation between Pakistan & Italy

The Consul General of Italy in Karachi, Danilo Giurdanella said that, the exhibition went really successful and we are hoping to organise more such events in future. These kind of events are helpful for local as well as international artists.

He added the such kind of mutual events would strengthen the diplomatic and economic relationship between both countries and its people. The organizers of event and all the artists put up alot of efforts for success of event.

The Consul General added that, our top most wish is to promote culture of Pakistan and Italy through this event. We highlighted the colours of Italy, especially the colours of Sicily. A lot of people, artists, art lovers, and local designers participated in the event and made it a successful hit for Pakistan and Italy.

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Besides the VIPs of Italy and Pakistan, counsel generals of United States, France, Japan and other top personalities from arts department also attended the event and appreciated all the designs and art work displayed in event.

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