Tipu Sultan Sword Auction

Tipu Sultan Sword Auction

The Sword of Tipu Sultan, which the ruler used in his reign between 1782 and 1799, broke all the auction records by fetching over GBP 14 million at an Islamic and Indian Art sale this week in London.

The sword is described as one of the finest gold koftgari hilted steel sword referred to as Sukhela, an emblem of authority. The sword was found in the private living place of Tipu Sultan.

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It was then presented to Major General David Baird by the Army of East India Company as a token of their high esteem of his courage and conduct, which resulted in embracing death of Tipu Sultan, known as Tiger of the times.

GBP of 14,080,900 estimation

The Head of Islamic and Indian Art said in a statement that, “This spectacular sword is the greatest of all the weapons linked to Tipu Sultan still in private hands. Its close personal association with the Sultan”.

The sword had a guide price between GBP 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 but went on to surpass that estimate to fetch GBP 14,080,900. This is one of the most astonishing objects privilege of bringing to auction.

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The sword was manufactured by Mughal Swordsmiths following the model of German blades introduced to India in 16th century. The hilt is inlaid executed gold calligraphy with the qualities of God and invocations calling on God by name.

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