Is Imran Khan taking Drugs ?

Is Imran Khan taking Drugs ?

The Minister of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination Abdul Qadir Patel said that, Imran Khan medical reports showed that, he is taking alcohol and continous drug consumption.

The actions and body language of Imran Khan is clearly not normal and ‘not those of a fit man’, Minister declared him as an alcoholic and drug abuser, adding that it also ruled out a fracture on his leg.

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While talking to media, Abdul Qadir Patel said that, reports will be shown to public as it is a public document. Former Prime Minister went an examination at PIMS hospital after his arrest on May 9.

No fracture but Alcohol

The medical report does not have any details of fracture on his foot which Imran Khan claimed in front of court but the reports showed the presence of toxic elements and excessive cocaine and alcohol.

The medical report of Imran Khan also suggests that he is having some mental issues. A person with stable mental health does not make these kind of gestures and body language, Minister added.

Abdul Qadir Patel further said, “I also used to say that Imran Khan’s mental health is not well, the PTI Chief has ended decency in politics, political tolerance and respect for other which is not normal”.

The panel of five members senior doctors also said that, mental health of Khan is questionable.

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Meanwhile Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf decided to file a defamation case against Health minister, the party also decided to file a law suit against PIMS doctors against the serious allegations and false reports they made.

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