Atif Aslam’s ‘Mangan Aiyaan’ Soundtrack Hits With Catchy Beat

Atif Aslam’s ‘Mangan Aiyaan’ Soundtrack Hits With Catchy Beat

Atif Aslam, the charismatic singer, has released his latest single titled “Mangan Aiyaan” as part of VELO Sound Station 2.0.
The music video for the song features the stunning model Sona Rafiq Memon, and their onscreen chemistry adds to the appeal of this groovy electropop track.

“Mangan Aiyaan” is a summer 2023 banger that is expected to become a popular addition to everyone’s playlist. The song combines a catchy beat with memorable lyrics, making it a hit for the summer season.

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The music video, released on YouTube by VELO Sound Station, offers a visual treat with vibrant colors, stunning visual effects, and captivating lighting.

Sona Rafiq, who was thrilled to be part of the music video, shared a snippet of the song on her Instagram and expressed her gratitude to VELO Sound Station for the opportunity.

This is her second appearance in a music video, following her cameo in Pepsi’s hit dance track “Sohna Tu (Why Not Meri Jaan x Dance)” featuring various artists.

Atif Aslam, a renowned artist, is highly acclaimed in both Pakistan and India. He has gained a global following with his powerful performances and has made a mark in Bollywood as well.

The release of “Mangan Aiyaan” has received positive feedback from fans, who appreciate the aesthetics of the music video and the unique romantic pairing of Sona Rafiq and Atif Aslam.
Atif’s ability to consistently produced anger tracks has further solidified his reputation as a talented musician.

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“Mangan Aiyaan” by Atif Aslam featuring Sona Rafiq is a captivating electropop song accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing music video. With its catchy beat and groovy vibes, the track is set to become a popular choice for music enthusiasts this summer.

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