Mehfil e Milad at NCA

Mehfil e Milad at NCA

Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad held a ‘Mehfil e Milad’ in conjuction with Holy month of Ramadan. The event was only for women and featured speakers talked abour the life and practices of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The speakers also enlighten the importance of Holy month Ramadan. Mehfil e Milad started with Qirat by Hajra Mudassir and next Professor Salma Khan talked about incidents and Ahadiths to follow the life of beloved Prophet Muhammat SAW.

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She talked about the secrets of successful life in the world and hereafter by following the practices of our last Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Many famous Naat Khawans including Tasneem Akhtar, Nighat Zahoor, Shazia Zaheer, Attira Mohsin, Shamma Adil, Anila Noor, Rifat Anjum and many Naat khawans from twin cities participated in the event. The Chief guest of event Mehmooda Ghazia also recited a Naat written by herself.

Importance of Ramadan

The Milad enlighted the importance of Ramadan and teaching of Prophet Muhammad SAW in the lives of Muslims. The event was a great success and brought together women from many different fields of life. They all learnt and celebrated the Honour of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

At the closing of Mehfil e Milad, prayers were offered for well-being of whole Muslim Ummah and everyone prayed for peace and prosperity of country.

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Audience also appreaciated the efforts of Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) in organizing such great events. PNCA is also planning to organize more events like this in future.

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