Israeli Attack on Al-Aqsa

Israeli Attack on Al-Aqsa

Israeli forces attacked Masjid Al-Aqsa and injured the worshipers praying during the Holy month of Ramadan. Hours before they also raided the compound and arrested hundreds of Palestinians despite warnings.

According to the eye witnesses, police smashed the doors and windows of mosque to enter, as they entered forces started deploying stun grenades and bullets on worshippers. A lot of footages shared on social media showing Israeli forces striking on screaming people inside a dark building.

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According to Israeli Police statement, Hundreds of Palestinians locked themselves in Mosque and when police entered, stones were thrown at forces along with fireworls from inside the mosque.

Palestinian Red Crescent Statement

According to Palestinian Red Crescent Statement, 12 people are injured during the clash in Mosque and three of them are in serious condition with injuries on their heads from rubber bullets.

Israeli forces also tried to target the ambulance and stop it from reaching the hospital, Israeli police however claimed that 350 people were only removed from the mosque and two of the police officers of Israel police are wounded.

The videos circulating on social media clearly shows that many detained people are lying down on flooe with their hands and arms tied behind their backs and some of them are tied led into a vehicle.

Another video showed, Israeli forces deploying stun grenades on people and ordering Muslim Worshippers to leave the mosque immediately. Israeli police claim that, some of people tried to attack the mosque with fireworks and police just tried to help the worshippers in leaving the mosque safely.

Arab and Muslim world condemned the incident strongly and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Jordan called on Israel to immediately remove its forces from the Mosque. Moreover a meeting of Arab league is called to discuss the matter.

Egypt Foreign Ministry also condemned the action calling it violation of all international laws and customs by Israel.

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The United States Office of Palestinian Affairs tweeted, “Violence has no place in a Holy site and during a Holy season. Alarmed by the shocking scenes in Al Aqsa and rockets launched from Gaza towards Israel. We call for restraint and de-escalation to allow peaceful Worship and to protect the sanctity of the Holy Sites”.

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