Terror attack failed in Mianwali

Terror attack failed in Mianwali

After massive bombing in mosque in Police lines Peshawar, the terrorist tried to attack Makarwal police station with modern weapons. The DPO Mianwali said that police forces took the immediate action and failed the attack. He said that no police personnel got harmed in attack.

A search and rescue operation is going on in various cities of Punjab to arrest the terrorists and stop any further terrorist activity. The DPO told media that some terrorists got injured by police firing but all of those escaped the scene along with their injured fellows. They were 15-20 persons carrying modern weapons.

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Terrorist attacks in Pakistan

Taking in consideration past terrorist attacks, security is tightened in other cities of Punjab, including Multan and entire district of Sargodha. Search operation is going on in Mianwali to arrest the terrorist. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef announced special rewards for police officers involved in repulsion of attacks.

The CM Punjab, Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi said that, police soldiers are our heroes and brave sons of country, they fought with terrorist bravely. Inspector General Punjab Police Dr Usman Anwar also called the police station and appreciated the bravery of police station in failing the attack and saving country from any loss.

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Lastly, the attack on Peshawar mosque was also an attack on security forces of Pakistan as the mosque was located near police lines Peshawar. Most of the worshippers were police officers who were offering prayer when bomb explode.

The political parties of Pakistan should come together on one platform to fight with this increasing terrorism. There is strict need of unity among people of Pakistan to stop these terrorist activities in country. Without unity there is not any solution to protect country from terrorism.

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