Punjab Police to provide modern training for Iraq police

Punjab Police to provide modern training for Iraq police

IG Punjab Dr Usman Anwar, directed the Additional IG training to do full cooperation with Iraq force and start training the force under special instructions. He directed the officer to recruit trainings, capacity building programs and all other training courses.

He ordered the officers to make sure close coordination and information sharing with Iraqi police force. A meeting was held with Iraqi police delegation at central police office, including Maj M Raheen, Maj Yaseen Hadi and Lt-Gen Inspector Abdel Khaleeq Badri. The meeting concluded on providing all the necessary training for Iraq police force.

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Special directions to help Iraqi force

Dr Usman Anwar also directed the police force to help Iraq force in selection, buying and designing of police uniform so that they can buy the best uniforms for their force according to the needs. Punjab police department officials directed the delegation about all the steps of training, protection of life and property of citizens to managing security at sensitive places.

The head of Iraqi police delegation paid his regards to Punjab police for providing such kind of efficient training and services. He said that Punjab police is practising the best laws for maintenance of peace in country. We are happy that our police force is going to learn modern skills from Punjab Police.

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Dr Anwar Usman stated that special protection unit is working day and night to ensure the security of foreign in province and always available for public. Punjab police hire the best, enthusiastic and patriotic people from all around to country and give them chance to serve their country and nation. Our soldiers are brave enough to cope with any emergency situation without fear of their lives.

IG Punjab police also met the personnel from Anti-Riots force, and appreciated there performance in controlling the crime activities in city. He also gave a commendation to SP Anti-riots force Sajid Hussain Khokhar for best performance.

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