What is Operation Cookie Monster ?

What is Operation Cookie Monster ?

Britain National Crime Agency reported that International Law Enforcement Agencies using a multinational crackdown process seized popular dark web marketplace known for cybercrimes. The dark web marketplace is seized under the mission “Operation Cookie Monster”.

A banner posted on Genesis Market Site claimed that some of the domains belonging to organization had been seized by FBI, Canadian, Australian, European police logos are also displayed on the site with cybersecurity firm logon Qintel.

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Genesis is one of the top access market place in the world, according to Ron Jones, Director General of Threat Leadership in National Crime Agenecy. The data provided by NCA detailed that dark web site had 80 million credentials and digital fingerprints of more than 2 million people.

17 countries in Operation

According to British Investigation Authorities, 17 countries were involved in Operation Cookie Monster which was led by Dutch National Police, more than 120 people are arrested yet and 200 searches with 100 pieces of preventive activity.

A senior FBI officer reported that arrests have been made in United States, we are not allowed to provide further details because the investigation on Genesis is still going on. Many of the forum’s users are also arrested.

The Treasury Department of United States also said that, “Genesis is one the most prominent in stolen credentials and other sensitive information”. US Treasury however beleives that Genesis Administration was operated from Russia.

The site had been active since 2018 and specialized in sale of many digital products especially browser fingerprints. As fingerprints include many sensitive credentials, they can be easily used by criminals to get location, devices data and sensitive information.

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The NCA countries involved in investigation are Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Italy, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Switzerland.

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