Arshad Sharif’s iPad, Mobile Phone ‘Missing’ From Crime Scene

Arshad Sharif’s iPad, Mobile Phone ‘Missing’ From Crime Scene

According to Kenyan media sources, two important pieces of evidence, including a tablet and a phone that belonged to journalist Arshad Sharif, have apparently vanished from the crime scene. 

Kenyan Police Probe

Police have not made any progress nearly 20 days after the’murder’ of Mr. Sharif because they are still seeking for the equipment that vanished from the site, according to Kenyan newspaper The Star. 

FIA Director Athar Wahid and IB Deputy DG Omar Shahid Hamid were part of a team of Pakistani investigators deployed to look into the shooting who also questioned the timing of the loss of the devices, which they think may have been taken when Mr. Sharif was shot, according to the article. 

Police have so far determined that Mr. Sharif entered Kenya on August 20 on a visa provided by the two brothers who sheltered him, Waqar and Khurram Ahmed. When Mr. Sharif was shot, the latter was in the car with him. 

Search of Pakistani Detectives

According to Kenyan TV channel Nation, the team of Pakistani detectives is looking for the names and contact information of instructors who were present at the shooting range when Mr. Sharif was there. The two brothers have been asked by the Kenyan government to provide information about others who were at the shooting range that evening. 

Around ten US instructors and trainees were reportedly present at the site, according to a story from Geo News that was based on a Kenyan government official. According to an article in The Nation, Mr. Waqar claimed in his testimony to the team that he had only met Mr. Sharif once before accepting his invitation to eat at the shooting range. 

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“Arshad Sharif and my brother Khurram left after the lunch, and 30 minutes later, there was a report of gunfire on the automobile,” the man claimed. 

According to The Nation, the two brothers reportedly disclosed to investigators that Mr. Sharif desired to move permanently to Kenya with his family and even requested an extension of his visa. 

Javeria Siddique, the wife of Mr. Sharif, claimed in an interview with The Nation that she had urged her husband to leave Kenya and look for political asylum elsewhere because she didn’t think it was secure. She added that because the governments of Pakistan and Kenya “would never grant them justice,” her family planned to take the matter to the International Court of Justice. 

In response to Kenyan police’s assertion that Mr. Sharif was slain due to “mistaken identity,” Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated on Tuesday that Mr. Sharif was assassinated in a targeted attack. 

Violence Before Murder

On Wednesday, a number of TV stations reported that Mr. Sharif had been cruelly tortured before being shot at close range. 

According to reports that the postmortem noted traces of abuse, news programmes featured photographs purportedly depicting bullet marks and signs of torture on the body. PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry responded to the allegations by stating that the government’s position has been disproven. 

He tweeted that the Pakistani government’s claim that Arshad Sharif Shaheed was slain owing to mistaken identity was invalidated by the [reported] evidence of torture on him.

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