Why Priyanka Chopra lost films ?

Why Priyanka Chopra lost films ?

Priyanka Chopra is one of the famous actress of Bollywood who worked a lot for film industry and gave many top hits of B town. She got married with Nick Jonas, English Singer and quite younger than her.

Madhu Chopra recently in an interview talked about the reasons that why Priyanka Chopra lost many films. She told that Priyanka refused to do certain scenes in films that is also one of the main reason for loss of script and top nudge films by her.

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In a recent interview with Josh Talks Asha, she said, “Both I and Priyanka were new to this industry so we were more like one blind man leading another blind man”. She added that She studied law and had some knowledge about finance so we settled our legal matters together.

Madhu Chopra also talked about the times when she had to be with Priyanka everywhere be it narrations or meetings. She told that I used to manage her finance matters because I had knowledge of it.

Priyanka’s Routine changes

She also recalled about the decision she and Priyanka took about her routine changes. She said, “One day we decided that she will not have any meeting, and she will not go anywhere after 7-7:30 in evening”.

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We both stood firm on the decision and she often refused the scenes and scripts she was not comfortable with. Some scenes were actually not worth it so Priyanka decided to refuse the films due to her standards, Madhu Chopra added.

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