Elon Musk in China

Elon Musk in China

The CEO of Twitter and Tesla Owner mark his visit to China to met Foreign Minister of China. He attended a meeting with Foreign Minister in Beijing discussing his return to electric car maker’s largest production hub.

The trip is marked as top CEO of United States to China, after China opened its zero-Covid policy. Earlier Tim Cook of Apple also visited China in March. JP Morgan Jaie Dimon and Starbucks’ Laxman Narasimhan are also visiting China this week.

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China-US Relations

Elon Musk and Foreign Minister Qin Gang discussed the China-US relations and importance of improving the business environment for investors, developers, and technologists including Tesla.

Qin Gang said, “We must step on the brake in time, avoid dangerous driving and be skilful at using the accelerator to promote mutually beneficial cooperation”.

The Foreign Minister quoted Musk as he was willing to expand business in China and opposed a decoupling of China and US economies, Foreign Minister added both the countries as “conjoined twins”.

Musk did not posted anything on Twitter as a CEO of platform, knowing that Twitter is banned in country and only few users have some access to network, he had not posted anything on his official Weibo account either.

Elon Musk is also going to meet Tesla’s Shanghai Plant, he will also meet Chairman of CATL, the Chinese battery giant and key Tesla supplier.

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Tesla is also facing huge competition from Chinese-made electric vehicles, now the visit of Elon Musk will definately increase the output in Shanghai.

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