IMF noticing the recent environment in Pakistan

IMF noticing the recent environment in Pakistan

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that it is noticing the recent ongoing developments in Pakistan, also hoping for a peaceful way to resolve the current domestic political conflicts in the country.

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The Resident Chief of IMF in Pakistan, Esther Perez Ruiz also inquired about the recent political developments and is there any possibility of striking the staff level agreement in the ongoing month.

The Resident Chief said, ‘We take note of recent developments and while we do not comment on domestic politics, we do hope that a peaceful way forward is found’.

She also talked about the economic issues saying, staying within the policy framework agreed upom for the review and sufficient financing from partners to support the authorities implementation efforts to remain key to regaining macroeconomic stability.

She said that, last mini-budget inckuded the adjustments of energy prices, easing impirt restriction and market-determined exchange rates. All these steps were important to stabilise the economy.

Important Financial Support to Pakistan

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also welcomed the announcement of support from friendly countries to Pakistan. It is also looking forward to obtain the remaining necessary financing assurances from other countries.

The Residential Chief also cleared the rumor about IMF asking Pakistan to raise $8 billion in fresh financing.

She concluded that, IMF will continue to support Pakistan in its crises era and it will also help the country in best possible ways to secure sufficient financing from partners under the ninth review.

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The Ninth review with IMF was due in November 2022 but it could not yet been accomplished while Pakistani authorities claim that now confirmation of $4 billion financing has been sent to IMF but still waiting for response.

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