Shahveer Jaffry slammed for Domestic Violence Video

Shahveer Jaffry slammed for Domestic Violence Video

Netizens call out Shahveer Jaffry for taking domestic violence as a joke and making a funny video on it. People over the internet slammed the famous YouTuber for his ridiculous prank video.

The video shows Shahveer Jaffry coming towards his wife with a pillow and tries to kill her and getting mad when he fails to do. People find it negative as it shows gender-based killing.

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A lot of people on the internet find it offensive and talked about it in different manners. Some said, creating this type of content is totally a failure in a country where thousands of women are killed by their husbands from domestic violence.

Triggering content on Gender based violence

One of the Twitter user call out the YouTuber for content saying, such jokes don’t need to be defended or normalised. Video is very triggering for actual victims of Gender Based violence.

Many other users found the content very disgusting and shocking. Shahveer Jaffry is a famous YouTuber known for creating best content in terms of podcast and funny video but people are not really happy from his recent video.

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Some of users called him illustrate for taking serious topic as a joke in a country where gender based violence is common and women face it a lot.

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