Is social media killing creativity?

Is social media killing creativity?

Social media is, without any doubt, an addiction in today’s world. About 50% of people, with over 7 billion world population, use social media. 

Social media has created a lot of opportunities and tons of benefits in people’s lives. 

However, social media is the reason for us being dull. It is killing our creativity. 

Despite the advantage of social media being a channel of communication, it has many downsides. 

We start scrolling Instagram, and in the blink of an eye, five hours are gone. We start using TikTok and see our whole day going in vain.

Due to the constant use of social media, we cannot think of anything outside the box. 

People want to find happiness in social media, but don’t understand that this is not the real world. 

Social media platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram, are used as a source of inspiration where people upload and search for their thing of interest. Designers and marketers around the world post designs that inspire people. We see the world gets inspired by these people.

Creativity is about being innovative, generating ideas, and most importantly being original. Creativity never comes by scrolling Instagram for ideas. We simply copy others’ ideas and transform them into our product, and sadly, that is not what creativity looks like. 

This dangerous society of today is full of duplicates. From restaurants to offices, we witness people hanging on their phones. To look at the screen, scrolling endlessly to constantly smiling, the addiction to social media has reached its peak. With creativity, productivity has also seen a vast decrease vastly due to the overuse of social media.

With creativity, the art of communication has also died due to social media. We are getting awkward in face-to-face conversations more than ever. In this world, the adult and youth population not using social media is rare.

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Even though social media is a good source of communication and the entire world has been digitized. We also realize that we are losing the sense of real life. Face-to-face meets and live discussions were a way people used to develop new ideas. Even in a physical group meeting, people are busy scrolling their phones and doing nothing literally. The more hours one spends time on social media, the more they lose a chunk of their creative time. Creative people block social media apps and websites to focus on their daily tasks.

Social media platforms have their advantages, but one should use them wisely by ensuring certain limits. Your life is stressful, and its reason is social media. You aren’t able to complete your tasks because you are hung up all day on social media. Your tasks are what are making your life stressful.

Have you ever spent an entire day without social media? I guess no.

Everything in the world has its disadvantages and advantages, and there’s nothing in the world that only has advantages. Social media is a great source of communication, where people connect with the world. However, the excessive use of anything is a great disadvantage.

Tiktok is now a great platform where people, especially teens, watch short videos to fix their boredom. Kids nowadays can showcase their talent on TikTok but are we doing good? A girl who can’t hold a pencil is getting famous on TikTok. Is this really normal or only I am not getting it?

For teens, how many people liked their posts and followed their content is more important. This addiction to social media is hampering the ability to concentrate on homework and engage in physical activities. Social media is highly habit-forming in nature. In between our daily tasks, where we could engage in conversations, we are engaging in social media content. 

The obvious downside of using social media is its time suck. Hours will pass like minutes; you won’t realize that your attention is valuable. Billionaire tech nerds, with their powerful algorithms, will do everything in their power to steal your data to sell to advertisers. 

Social media’s engagement metrics make it easy to see what type of content is trending and performing well. 

As an artist, you know what’s popular with your audience, and you may be inclined to duplicate that content even if you’ve moved on. You risk revolving your work around what other people want instead of what you want.

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