5 laws of Internet Success by World’s Top YouTuber


Popular YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson or “MrBeast” has shared his laws of internet success which can help you in achieve growth in your dream plans.

YouTube has become one of the most popular platform for celebrities to reach out to their fans. Recently, 24-year-old South Carolina-based YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson shared his 5 laws of internet success to help his fans become overnight celebrities on the social media platform. 

With more than 200 million YouTube subscribers, Donaldson is popular among his fans by the name “MrBeast”. As he runs the world’s biggest YouTube franchise, his unicorn has become a prominent influencer worldwide. 

Here are 5 laws of internet success according to the world’s most popular YouTube sensation: 

1. Passion = obsession

MrBeast has accredited most of his success to finding his passion among like-minded people. He has advised young people to find people with same obsessions as their to achieve success in their dreams. It is important to be passionate about something in order to obsess over it. 

2. Re-invest everything

Once you believe in your product, it become important to re-invest everything in it in order to achieve greater success. It is even easier to invest certain funds in your next business venture during the right time. Don’t be scared of losses. It is only makes the growth prospects stagnant. According to MrBeast, whatever money he is making, he is investing a majority of it back into his channel.

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“When I was making $1 per day, I saved up for a couple of months and bought a microphone… then saved up for half a year and got a computer. I’ve just always re-invested it,” he said during an interview. 

3. The 10,000-hour rule (on steroids)

He has underlined the importance of spending 10,000 hours on your craft in order to become true experts in it. If you find your passion, stick with it in order to achieve the ultimate success.

4. How to 5X your growth – through mistakes

He has advised to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes to become better in the task. Furthermore, you can grow exponentially faster by learning from others’ mistakes.

5. Mentor others

It is one of the most significant paths for most entrepreneurs. Once you get really good at something and gain credibility in the field, show/teach others how to do it. It is the hard work that will pay once you mentor others to achieve their successes. 

These are only five laws of internet success by the world’s top Youtuber. The social media platform has a lot to offer to its fans and subscribers seeking massive success with their passion, hard work, and dedication. If you have any tips to success, let us know in the comments.

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