How to Create an Easypaisa Account

Create an Easypaisa Account

MFinancial Transactions

In Pakistan, modern financial transactions have reached a level of ease that was unimaginable a few years ago. No longer is it necessary to physically visit a bank to transfer cash to another account. One may now transfer monies to another account with Easypaisa without difficulty.

The procedure is straightforward and easy to comprehend. In a couple of minutes, any cellphone subscriber may open an Easypaisa account to send and receive money.

Easypaisa Account

It is important to realize that an Easypaisa account is truly a mobile bank account. The account may be used for bill payment, money transfers, and quite a few additional functions, such as international home transfer, easy load, other mobile network load, donations, and money transfers to any bank account.

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Steps to open Easypaisa Bank Account

1. Download an Easypaisa mobile app

2. Upon successful installation, launch the app

3. Enter your mobile number

4. Enter your CNIC number, date of issuance. You can also scan your CNIC card.

5. Create a 5-digit pin code for account creation

6. Non-Telenor members can also create Easypaisa account by sending their mobile number to 0345-1113737. The procedure to send the message is EP<space>CNIC number and send it to 0345-1113737

Easypaisa is the first mobile banking platform in the country. The program began in 2009. It was initially introduced as a money transfer service. The service has empowered the populace by facilitating the movement of funds. Easypaisa also plays a significant role in enhancing financial inclusion in Pakistan. The service must reach a milestone in 2020.

It has more than 90,000 locations nationwide. Additionally, Easypaisa also offers employment options. This service will allow you to become a store and dealer.

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