What is happening in Sudan ?

What is happening in Sudan ?

After weeks of tension between powerful paramilitary group, The Rapid Support Force (RSF) and army, fighting broke out. According to the analysts around the world, this is a struggle for control of country.

The fighting is occurring in Capital, Khartoum and clashes are also resported from other parts of country. Tensions between army and paramilitary force killed around 185 people and thousands are injured.

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More than 300 people from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Germany are also evacuated in Sudan’s capital as fierce fighting is going on in the country.

More than 150 people from Gulf countries, as well as Egypt, Pakistan and Canada were evacuated in the country shifted towards sea to Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah to avoid any kind of bad incident.

Many foreign students of different countries are calling out for help, who are stuck in Khartoum, a city of six million people living in it. People are also facing internet shutdown which is challenging the coordination of help.

Electricity cut down in the cities

Constant shooting and bombing also caused shutdown of electricity and difficulty in access of water & food for city of huge population. Several ceasefire had been agreed by both sides in the past but were ignored during the three-day celebrations of Eid ul Fitr.

According to the report by World Health Organization, fighting has killed more than 400 people and thousands are injured. Death toll is expected to be much higher than the recorded one. Most of the injured people are struggling for healthcare as hospitals are forced to close by attacks.

Rescue teams from United States

United States has announced to send Disaster Management Teams to affected area to coordinate the humanitarian response in for people in need in Sudan and outside of Sudan.

USAID also said that their rescue teams are currently working in Kenya, after that teams would prioritise helping people who need it most. The United Nations has also warmed that up to 20000 people have fled Sudan to seek safety in Chad.

Diplomats of a lot of countries are stuck in Sudan looking for help, US authorities airlifted almost 100 people in three helicopters in a fast and clean operation.

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The UK government also managed to pick their diplomats and families out from the country in complex and rapid operation. French President also confirmed that a plane went to airlift citizens out of the danger zone.

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